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The Walking Pack (+ Dog Training book)




🦮 The Walking Pack is the solution for your outdoor activities. 🐕‍🦺

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Inside the box you will find:

1x EasyScooper™ (Pooper Scooper)
1x EasyWater™ (Dog Water Bottle)
90x EasyBags™  (Biodegradable Waste Bags)
1x Free Ebook about dog's training  
1x Instruction manual


Being a dog parent is beautiful, cleaning your dog's gift is not. Right?
That's why we invented The EasyScooper

This small object can facilitate you in your daily life, it is:

  • PRACTICALthanks to its size you can take it anywhere with you.
  • HYGIENICyou will no longer have to use your hands to remove poop and waste from any surface.
  • ECOLOGICALthe bags are biodegradable; they respect the environment and the roads and meadows will always be clean.


Poop doesn't smell like roses: Our waste bags odor-blocking lavender-scent locks in that stank for good.


Is your dog often thirtsy during outdoor activities? 

Don't let your pet friend dehydrate! 

EasyWater keeps your dog hydrated while on-the-go. The portable water bottle dispenses the perfect amount of water into the attached mini bowl. Let your dog drink and then press the button to suck back the unfinished water. It's perfect for outdoor activities.

  • Portable dog water bottle
  • Press the button to dispense water into attached bowl
  • Press the button again and tilt bottle upright to suck back unfinished water
  • Leak-proof lock
  • Easy carrying strap
  • Capacity: 350ml or 550ml



And finally, just for a few days, you can have a free ebook that explains how to train your dog! This book is written by one of the most important dog trainers in Europe.
And now, you can get it for free!

Hurry up! There are only 7 Walking Pack left! 



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What size should I get for my dog?

Our advice is to prefer a small/medium size if the weight of your dog is less than 50 Ibs (22 kg) and a large size if it is more than 50 Ibs (22 kg).

Is EasyScooper useful in case of loose poop?

Easyscooper  has been tested several times and we have designed it so that it also adapts to these needs, what to consider is that the surface could get dirty or stained.

Does the EasyWater leak?

It does not leak - even if you shake it and try to make it leak. The quality is very good!

How can I get the Ebook?

The ebook will be send by email after purchase. 

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